Nexwoven is the new line of non woven roll wipes for the cleaning and the sanitizing of surfaces: a practical and functional solution that offers the best performances, while respecting the environment.

Suitable for professional use and in particular for sanitization and cleaning, they have been developed to meet the needs in the food and sanitary field, in accordance with the actual and future European regulations. These wipes are ideal for professional sanitization of working surfaces, equipment and for every surface that can get into contact with food in any environment used for food preparation (before, during and after processing).

The product is composed of a dispenser with protection cap and refill of wipes to be impregnated.

  • Food industry
  • Processing and storage of fresh and prepared foods (meat, fish, dairy and baked products etc.)
  • Restaurants, Catering, professional kitchens
  • Bar, fast food, take away ...

  • Cost-saving: the one-cloth-at-a-time dispensing system is developed to control consumption
  • Safe: it is a spray-free solution that avoids the dispersion of chemical detergents in the environment and any contamination of surfaces and products
  • Resistant: tear proof
  • Performing: impregnated wipes ready for use for surface sanitizing in one step
  • Multipurpose: perfectly compatible with any disinfectant and detergent solution